Why Social Media is an important marketing asset

Social Media is an important ingredient in the marketing of your products and services. When managed effectively it will establish the personality of your company, increase the traffic to your website and develop brand loyalty from your customers.

Increase Brand Recognition

Social media is a powerful method of raising awareness for your business and the services you offer.  We will help you set up your business related social media profiles.  Note that it is not usually a good idea to mix personal and business social media posts.

Trust and the personality of your business

Social media provides an excellent way to display, not only your products and services, but how you treat your customers. Word of mouth is the most powerful advertising tool there is.  If you can get your audience engaged then you can demonstrate the personality of your business. If people can see that the dialogue you have with customers is positive then you will develop trust.

Understanding your customer base

An analysis of the behaviour of your customers on your social media profile will help determine your customers’ likes and dislikes, their opinions, preferences and interests. This is valuable information that will help in the development of more engaging posts and maybe new products.  Social Media is a valuable method of understanding your industry, its trends, character and direction.

Share your passion

Being passionate about your product is infectious and this can stimulate interest in others. By posting messages and responding positively to customers you can help establish  yourself as an authority in your business area. With each communication your audience will broaden and your followers will grow in number.

Low Cost Marketing

You can create an account for free on almost all social networking platforms. It will require effort to create interesting posts that engage your audience.  You can start on your own and monitor the returns you are getting from the time you invest or you may prefer to pay a third party to do this. Additionally, you may use paid advertising (start with small amounts) on social media and see how yoyr response rates compare to the amount invested.

Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty typically means repeat business. If customers are happy with your services they will come back for more and also tell their friends.  It is beneficial to engage frequently with your customers and develop a rapport with them. With Social Media you can show that you value your customers by responding with personal messages. The recipient, and others, can then see that you care.

Drive more traffic to your website

One of the key paybacks from Social Media activity is to drive more traffic to your website.  Links back to your website’s products and services help with this.  But a balance is needed. Being overly commercial may have a negative effect on the personal rapport your are trying to develop with your customer base. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Firstly let me say that according to Google, social media is NOT a direct SEO ranking factor.  However, indirectly there are benefits.  If lots of people share your content on social media, then it’s likely more people will link to it, and links ARE a hugely important SEO ranking factor.